Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celine Luggage Tote Bags

Celine Luggage tote bag with a upscale leather prominent perfect texture,the front of this bag looks like a "face", so it was named as Celine Luggage! They are make with the finest materials and high standards of hand both the inside and the outside, Celine Luggage are simple luxury and has a highly practical and functional, It is inevitable called the IT bag ! Celine Luggage is one of the most important models of Celine bags.

Celine luggage mini bag calfskin red C26 for 285$

 Celine luggage mini bag calfskin yellow C26

Celine luggage mini bag calfskin yellow C26

Celine luggage mini bag calfskin gray C26

Most brands have Pre-Fall, which debuts in stores during the historically fashion-barren summer months, followed by the full Fall collection, which hits at the end of summer and features a more robust and often more daring lineup of pieces. Celine, on the other hand, does it (plus almost everything else) a little differently. The brand’s pre-collection is termed Fall, while the later-arriving goods are called Winter. Thus, we present you with The Bags of Celine Winter 2012, which we bet will see you happily through to the holidays.
These bags just came up for pre-order at Kirna Zabete, among other places, and if you want one of the super chic colorblocked Celine Luggage Totes, the stunning white python Celine Phantom Luggage, the all-new Celine Cabas Phantom (lined in metallic!) or one of the many (many) other must-haves from the collection, your best bet is to get on someone’s list immediately. First things first, though: you have to take a look at the collection photos after the jump to decide what you want before any ordering can be done. It was one of those weekends where Mother Nature dished out absolutely gorgeous weather and I stayed inside mostly in bed feeling under the weather. I constantly checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how everyone else was enjoying their weekend and felt a little sorry for myself. This is when I decided to turn my sick weekend into a tropical staycation.
I popped into my closet and pulled out my coveted Celine Nano in Citron and went into the kitchen and blended up a fresh piƱa colada. This combo photographed so incredibly well, and if I tried really hard, I imagined being elsewhere (and feeling better).

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