Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift

Mother's Day is just around the bend — Sunday, to be exact. If you're reading this and that's news to you, you might want to order your mama some flowers and read on for some awesome mixtape song selections courtesy of Above the Buzz.
Celine cinnamon lambskin compartmental convertible satchel orange 3350 Celine cinnamon lambskin compartmental convertible satchel orange 3350Pop music has had a longstanding tradition of cranking out tunes that pay homage to the most important woman in everyone's life: mommy dearest. How could you not look to mom for musical inspiration? She loves you unconditionally, pushes you to be your best, is an awesome shopping buddy and, at one point, let you make that terrible decision of rocking blond highlights back in high school when you really had no business being blonde.
Basically, she's your friend until the end. So, hit record on your boom box and collect these tunes to let mom know how much you love and appreciate her. (And, yes, I am writing this column from a random Mother's Day in the '90s when people still recorded mixtapes off boom boxes.)
In 1999, the Backstreet Boys released a sappy ballad titled "The Perfect Fan." With touches of gospel on the track, the sentiment thanking their moms for always being supportive reaches it crescendo when the fivesome declare, "I wanna thank you for what you've done/ In hopes I can give back to you/ And be the perfect son." Writing a song about your mom, boys, is certainly a good start.
Years before BSB dropped their mommy ode, Boyz II Men released "A Song for Mama" in 1997. In the deeply emotional ballad produced and written by Babyface, the guys praise their mamas for showing them the right thing to do. "You're always there for me/ Have always been around for me, even when I was bad/ You showed me right from my wrong/ Yes, you did," they sing. And, we swooned.
That same year, the Spice Girls released "Mama." Lyrically, it is a bit different from the tracks the boys released. The song is about the girls' growing relationships with their moms, who went from their biggest enemy when they were teens to being their best friends as adults. The ladies sing, "Back then, I didn't know why/ Why you were misunderstood/ So now I see through your eyes/ All that you did was love."
An equally touching ode from Christina Aguilera, "Oh Mother," delves into a more serious topics than those other tracks. Released in 2006, the song reflects on her mother's abusive relationship with her father. The song is incredibly personal, relaying some details about watching her mother get abused. But, in the end, she wants her mom to know this: "So mother, I thank you/ For all that you've done and still do/ You got me, I got you/ Together, we always pull through."
On the other side of the emotional mom rollercoaster is Taylor Swift's "The Best Day," which she dropped in 2008. The track is a mid-tempo jam about all the awesome things her mom does to make her feel better when she's low and all the things her mom taught her. "I know you were on my side even when I was wrong/ And I love you for giving me your eyes/ For staying back and watching me shine/ And I didn't know if you knew, so I'm takin' this chance to say/ That I had the best day with you today," she sings. You said it for all of us, girl!
With a new Mother's Day upon us, Justin Bieber is getting in on the action with his new track "Turn to You." Given the tradition he's following in, it's a nice sentiment from a boy who truly loves his mom. And, there's nothing more adorable than a pop star who knows where it's at.
Because we know where it's at, we have this final message: Happy Mother's Day, mom! All these songs say it all and so much more. You rock! Now, go tell your mom how you feel about her — she deserves it.

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