Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nicole Kidman - Nicole Kidman's 'Hemingway And Gellhorn' Struggles To Fire

Nicole KidmanIt's Nicole Kidman 's first television role since 1989's 'Bangkok Hilton,' also a TV movie, and so her return to the small screen as part of the cast of 'Hemingway and Gellhorn' has been much anticipated. The Hbo movie focuses on the romance between legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, played by Clive Owen, and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn - Kidman's character. If Hbo were hoping that the appearance of one of Australia's most decorated actresses in history would garner excitement from the critics however then they might be a little disappointed. The film's received a wide range of reviews from those gushing plaudits to those sticking in the knife. At one of end of the spectrum, Entertainment Weekly comment "Both writers come off as passionate egomaniacs with literary gifts so undeniable, you can't help but enjoy them," with The Hollywood Reporter saying "A dynamic, vivid, well-acted look at two major 20th century writers who shared wars on the battlefront and at home." At the other end though, The New York Times admonish "It's a disheartening misfire: a big, bland historical melodrama built on platitudes about honor and the writing life that crams in actual figures and incidents but does little to illuminate them, or to make us care about the romance at its center," and The Huffington Post are even worse, fuming "Not only is Hemingway and Gellhorn wretched, it is bathed in pretentiousness and pseudo-intellectual delusions of grandeur. It's not just crap, it's expensive, painfully "artistic" crap starring a lot of actors who should have known better once they took a look at the script, which is hilariously awful." This general lack of consensus means that the average Metacritic rating for it currently sits at a rather average looking 54 per cent.
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