Saturday, May 12, 2012

Using Essential Oils to make your own Natural Perfumery

Here you will find some great tips, recipes and resources on learning how to make natural perfume using essential oils. When making natural fragrances, you don't use chemicals in the mix at all. You only use pure, natural oils essences that are extracted through distillation from various flowers and plants. Buying perfumes is quite expensive, and there are more and more people (women especially) who are learning the art of making their own fragrances from scratch, using the ingredients that THEY want to have inside their perfumes. Photo credits While it is a hobby that needs some trial and error, it's luckily not one that is very expensive, especially when compared to buying a bottle of real perfume that can cost upwards of $100. This is why I've started my journey into natural perfumery as well a few years ago, and while I can't say I'm a pro at it, I've become pretty adept, with perfumes that people no longer consider 'stinky oils'. Enjoy the ride and please leave your comments (or even your recipes) in the Guestbook section below.


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