Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celine Handbags

If you follow me on Instagram (it’s rosemarymaccabe, just F yer I), you’ll know that last week in New York I became the oh-so-proud-and-slightly-smug owner of my very own Céline Trapeze bag. This is the bag I have been dreaming of: structured, but not too structured; roomy, but not cavernous; slick, but not too sleek. I’m in love – and it goes with everything! Well, either that or I’m an idiot who’s been wearing the wrong bag all week! (SHOCKER)
Anyway, you can imagine my surprise-slash-horror when I realised tha was releasing a very similar handbag for A/W 2012, at the bargain price of €59.95!

Granted, it’s not the exact same, although the similarities are impressive. I am almost tempted to invest in one; I love that moss green, and the exposed zip on the outside adds a kind of decadent touch. Not to mention the fact that, without the front flap, it’ll be a hell of a lot more accessible.
What do you think? Would you stick with the original or do you love H&M’s homage to Céline?

I think most people would don't mind to give it a try.but for those who is loyal to celine handbags will still insist buying Real Celine handbags with the big two eyes, and they may think it's ridiculous for HM to copy the celine style.cause you know a brand means the spirit in the brand,not the way it looks like.

After all ,we still have other ways to buy our celine handbags with little money.

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