Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Goyard Shopping Bag Rocks?

LOVE Goyard SF!, I went to the store many times and I tried a lot of handbags, the salespeople were always nice even though I did not buy anything until my 4th visit.
When I bought my lovely bag, I spent more than a hr designing the personalization. The salesperson was patient and extremely helpful throughout the process.
The are many Goyard bags color for you to choose,anyaway you need not spend to much time thinking what you really want,you can just choose one from the below list.
When I got my personalized handbag, I LOVED it!!, it's unique and 100% my OWN personal style.but for my friends and recommendation i really do not recommend you to make you personal design.After all,It's just a shopping bag.we use it to carry,not to show off.I just like the simple design and utility features of this bag. Goyard shopping bags

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