Friday, May 11, 2012

Marc Jacobs Store Vandalized by Graffiti Artist, Whose Graffiti Was Then Appropriated by Marc Jacobs

Last night, the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo at Mercer below Houston was hit with a blast of graffiti by a graffiti artist apparently notorious for hitting fashion labels. This morning, after it was cleaned up, Marc Jacobs’ PR machine appropriated it for their own branding. Smart.
The perpetrator was a French graf artist named Kidult, who apparently has a long lineage of blasting fashion labels with his stuff: 12 Oz. Prophet explains that Kidult has previously hit stores of Christian Louboutin, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, among others (including, extensively, Supreme’s new Kate Moss-centered . His style? Taking a fire extinguisher, filling it with paint, and blasting a storefront.
So, this morning, when Marc Jacobs employees showed up, they started cleaning up the work.
Kidult dropped by to snap a picture of them doing it, and posted it with the message I did some ART?
This, of course, was after Marc Jacobs International had already taken the time to Tweet it out as “Art by Art Jacobs with the above photo.
And then, to rub it in, took an “artsy” Instagram photo, noting it as “Art Jacobs @ Marc Jacobs Collection.

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